Over 30 Years’ Experience

We know that people are just as important as placement. Our clients and candidates trust us to make the right match as quickly as possible so you can get back to business.

Searching for the ideal candidate can become extremely taxing. Let us handle that. All of our candidates are thoroughly vetted based on our three principles: Experience, Quality, and Personality. We focus on what each candidate truly wants from this change, and will address any areas in their career before they are presented to you. Spending the extra time with each candidate is crucial for you as well as the prospective candidate.


Areas Of Focus

With extensive hospitality backgrounds, our team can find the correct opportunity or candidates in a number of different disciplines, including:

Senior Corporate Management
Executive Committee Directors
Departmental Managers
Executive Chefs
Food and Beverage Management
Human Resources
Finance Department

Honest & Effective Solutions

Considered a leader in hospitality and general search recruiting, Marvin Love & Associates has decades of experience in the hotel, resort, and restaurant industry. Our team is equipped to assist our client in the search of management, including positions such as director and VP level candidates. We staff across sales, marketing, finance, revenue management, food & beverage, and human resources.