We are currently receiving new assignments weekly for Vice President, C-level, Executive, and upper management. Please forward your resume and contact information for more details.

  1. Tennessee
    • Area Executive Chef overseeing 2 resorts:
    • Responsible for 2 Ex Sous Chefs, Several Sous Chefs, and over 125 Culinary Staff members
    • 15+ F&B outlets, informal, family, and formal dining rooms, and outside eateries, with 20M in revenue
    • Salary up to $135k, 25% bonus, excellent relocation package and temporary housing
    • Must have excellent career track record as an Executive Chef at a resort with responsibility for multi-outlets, preferably with understanding of Southern Cuisine
  2. Boutique Hotel (Ohio)
    • General Manager position for a 30-suites boutique hotel, 1200 sq ft of event space, and high-end restaurant
    • Salary up to $120k, full complimentary health and dental care, full relocation, and 30+ temporary housing
    • Look for GM’s with a boutique background like Relais-Chateau or independent background, strong quality inn or hotels
  3. Boutique Hotel (West Virginia)
    • The Hotel General Manager position for an 80-room hotel with 3000 sq ft of meeting space
    • Compensation of $110k+, 20% bonus
  4. Boutique Hotel (Colorado)
    • Executive Chef (will consider Ex Sous Chef) position
    • Salary up to $85k, 10% Bonus, $5k Relocation and 30 Temporary Housing
  5. Food Service Group (West Virginia)
    • Executive Chef position responsible for feeding approximately 20k daily and overseeing several food service outlets
    • Catering Chef position including mostly events and some student feeding
    • Salary up to $110k for the Executive Chef position, $85k for the Catering Chef position
    • Relocation and temporary housing are part of the package, with bonus potential
  6. Alabama Branded Convention Hotel
    • Director of Security $80k, 10% Bonus, $8k Relocation.
    • Catering Event Manager $85k, 40% Incentive, $8k Relocation
  7. Georgia Island Resort
    • Executive Chef position
    • Executive Resort Director of Operations position responsible for the Rooms Departments, Front Office, Housekeeping, and Club House operations
    • Salary up to $145k for the Executive Chef position, $120-130k for the Executive Resort Director of Operations position
    • 20% bonus, $10k relocation, and 30+day temporary housing
  8. Boutique Hotel (Asheville, NC)
    • Executive Chef Salary up to $85k
    • Area Director of Sales and Marketing (prefer Full Service experience – F&B, B&C, etc.)
    • up to $100k (plus bonus of 30%)
    • $6-7k Relocation and 30 Temporary Housing
  9. Boutique Ranch and Resort (Mountains of North Carolina)
    • Executive Pastry Chef position with a salary of $75k
    • Chef de Cuisine position with a salary of $70k
    • Sous Chefs positions with a salary of $50k
    • Director of Dining Services position with a salary of $80k
    • Director of Maintenance

Florida Opportunities – South Beach & Miami | Hotels and Restaurants

  1. Grill | Chef de Cuisine USD $90,000.00/Yr.
  2. Grill | Sous Chef USD $60,000.00/Yr. USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  3. Banquet | Senior Sous Chef USD $70,000.00/Yr.
  4. Food Truck | Senior Sous Chef – F&B USD $75,000.00/Yr.
  5. Food Truck | Sous Chef – LIV USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  6. Fine Dinning Dim Sum | Sous Chef USD $70,000.00/Yr. USD $80,000.00/Yr.
  7. In Room Dining | Senior Sous Chef USD $65,000.00/Yr. USD $75,000.00/Yr.
  8. Hotel | Sous Chef USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  9. Stewarding | Assistant Executive Steward USD $70,000.00/Yr.
  10. Steak House | Chef de Cuisine USD $100,000.00/Yr. USD $120,000.00/Yr.
  11. Steak House | Sous Chef USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  12. Spanish Restaurant | Senior Sous Chef USD $75,000.00/Yr.
  13. Spanish Restaurant |Sous Chef USD $60,000.00/Yr. USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  14. American Grill | F&B General Manager USD $90,000.00/Yr.
  15. Upscale rooftop Bar | Assistant General Manager USD $75,000.00/Yr.
  16. Steak House | F&B General Manager USD $100,000.00/Yr.
  17. Finance & Accounting | Director of Strategic Initiatives USD $125,000.00/Yr.
  18. Security | Security Manager USD $60,000.00/Yr.
  19. Front Office | Assistant Director of Front Office USD $90,000.00/Yr.
  20. Front Office | Assistant Front Office Manager USD $60,000.00/Yr.
  21. Front Office | Front Office Manager USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  22. Front Office | Quality & Training Manager USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  23. Director of Guest Services USD $100,000.00/Yr.
  24. Housekeeping | Housekeeping Manager USD $60,000.00/Yr. USD $65,000.00/Yr.
  25. Assistant Director of Spa Operations USD $65,000.00/Yr. USD $80,000.00/Yr.
  26. Sales & Marketing | Marketing Manager USD $60,000.00/Yr. USD $70,000.00/Yr.
  27. Sales & Marketing | Social Media Manager USD $60,000.00/Yr. USD $70,000.00/Yr.
  28. Senior Sales Manager USD $68,000.00/Yr.